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In many ways, falls is the perfect season to travel in. Air temperatures aren’t extremely high or low, and the falling leaves of autumn lend itself to some beautiful views in certain locales. Best of the peak of traveling season has come to an end. Which means lower fare for plane tickets and lower prices for hotels. It also means that there are less crowds in touristy areas. If you are looking to get away this season, here are some of the best places to travel in the fall.


Though Seville, Spain can be uncomfortably hot during the summer months, fall brings with it ideal weather for sightseeing. With orange blossoms in the air, even walking down the street can be a pleasing experience. There is plenty of shade cast onto the city’s plazas, making dining outside enjoyable. As a flat city, taking a walking tour of Seville in the fall can be picture-perfect.


September and October are two beautiful months in Ontario, Canada. The fall views are especially noteworthy at the Algonquin Provincial Park. At 7,725 square kilometers, this breathtakingly beautiful forest offers lakes and rivers admire by both locals and tourists. Canoeing is one popular activity that takes place in the park, as it affords individuals views of red oaks and maple trees, whose images are reflected in the water. Hikers have found that the Bruce Peninsula National Park includes trees that date back 1,000 years.


Utrecht, Netherlands boasts ancient canals first built in the 12th century. Their wharf cellars and wharves have made them a popular attraction for tourists. Today, the wharf cellars house various shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. A boat ride through the area may leave visitors with a slight chill during the fall. That chill can immediately be warmed with freshly made drinks made in the cafes.


The yearly autumn harvest that takes place in Tuscany is eagerly anticipated. September and October are dominated by harvest festivals that celebrate all things fall. A road trip through Tuscany during this season is the ideal way to see the countryside. With mild day time temperatures and nights that are cool but not cold, sightseeing is at its peak during the fall season. The Tuscany landscape is a bright and cheerful treat. Popular fall activities here include truffling hunting in the forests and participating in the grape harvest while learning how the many wineries in the area are run.